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GILDE JULEAQUAVIT was first launched in 1988. Gilde Juleaquavit is the original Christmas aquavit; a safe choice, but with a rather more modern style than the traditional aquavits.


This is a richly-flavoured, well-composed aquavit that is the perfect match for traditional Christmas fare. Under the unique Solera method, every year a portion of Christmas aquavit is saved and used as the basis for the next year's vintage. This means that Gilde Juleaquavit will always include drops of aquavit from all previous vintages.



Colour: Golden

Nose: Citrus, hints of caraway and balanced spices with a little vanilla.

Taste: Soft, with a clear spice palette as the perfect match for Norwegian Christmas fare.

Clear cask flavour and a long, pleasant after-taste of spices, grains of paradise and sherry cask.

Cask maturation: Average age 2.5 years.

Gilde aquavit jul Christmas 2019
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