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Complete your dinner party

In 1953, Vinmonopolet, the Norwegian state-owned liquor monopoly, launched an entirely new aquavit.


It was inspired by historic grand feasts or gildelag and was therefore named Gilde. This first aquavit, Gilde Non Plus Ultra, aged for 12 years in carefully selected sherry casks, continues to represent the ultimate aquavit.

Since its inception, Gilde has continued to experiment with new flavours, contributing to the development of the aquavit category in a food-friendly fashion.




When Gilde launched the very first Christmas aquavit, the point was to present an aquavit that was optimally suited for Norwegian Christmas dishes. Gilde Juleaquavit (Christmas Aquavit) became an immediate success, and today it is Norway’s best-selling Christmas aquavit.

The taste of Gilde is closely associated with Norwegian meals. Because Norwegian dishes are constantly evolving, we will continue to develop quality aquavits suited to the many dishes and banquets of the season.

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A successful meal depends on numerous good choices and preparations. The guests, flavours, table settings and atmosphere must be elevated to a higher level.

And when the evening is over, each guest should leave with a sense of pleasure that goes beyond feeling satiated and content: the sense of being part of something bigger, and gratitude for all they have eaten, drunk, and said during the gathering.

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