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When Gilde launched the very first Christmas aquavit in 1988, the goal was to present an aquavit suited to traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes. Gilde Juleaquavit was an immediate success and is Norway’s best-selling Christmas aquavit.


Every year since its launch, Gilde Juleaquavit is produced according to the same traditional recipe: a share of the aquavit has been matured one year, a portion has been matured for two years and the rest is the unique reserve aquavit. Gilde Juleaquavit, therefore, contains precious drops from all vintages that have ever been made.


This year's theme and design are inspired by the centerpiece of Christmas Eve itself, namely a set Christmas table. However, the importance of the Christmas table does not lie in the perfect decoration, but in the people around the table and the conversations across it. The table decorations can just as well be inspired by nature, such as the Christmas bouquet adorning the main focus of this year's Christmas aquavit.


Colour: Golden


Taste: Round and full-bodied flavor with hints of vanilla, toffee, integrated spices, and dried fruit.

Pairing: Perfect for traditional Christmas food and particularly excellent with pork ribs.

Cask maturation: Minimum 1 year in oak casks.

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